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Welcome to 1000 satoshi faucet

First of all, we welcome you to our faucet, which wants your users to enjoy demanding faucet satoshis, hope you like it and come back soon


Easy to claim

In 1000 satoshis we try to make it very easy to claim your reward, you just have to fill in the captcha put your wallet address and give the anti-bot in order so you will have your reward in a very short time


Big reward

In 1000 satoshis we know that the job of complaining about the faucet is a bit boring, so we want to counteract those effects giving you a very good reward,


What We Offer?

We offer some coins quickly and easily for free.

service 1


A strong currency used by many in multiple transactions
earn more satoshis in this list here



Is a point-to-point Internet currency that allows instant payments and almost zero cost to any part of the world
earn more litecoins here

service 3


Is a fun currency that offers very fast payments with almost no commission
earn more dogecoins here

Do you know the best faucet to make money?

Here I leave you a compilation of the best faucet on the internet and others also very good faucet hub
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project 1


Typelottery faucet
Rewards160 satoshis to 0.15846103 BTC

This is a highly recommended faucet with big hourly prizes and a giant prize every week.

project 2


Rewards80 satoshis to 5000 satoshis every 15 min

This is a highly recommended faucet with high rewards every 15 mins offerwalls and dice to win more satoshsis.

project 3


Rewards100 satoshis per view AD

Excellent PTC that pays in bitcoins for viewing ads and you can also buy animals to generate much more income

project 4


Rewards0.00039 mBTC per view ad

Earn a lot of bitcoins by watching short ads, with very good ad payments, it's an extremely recommended page

project 5

Tomy game

Rewards120 satoshis per hour

Tomy game is a game where you win bitcoins every hour is very good and is very reliable

project 6


TypeLottery faucet
Rewards7 DOGE to 714,212.93 DOGE

Win multiple dogecoin with this excellent faucet of free lotteries every hour you can win a barbarity of dogecoins.

project 7


TypePTC of bitcoin
Rewards0.000068Mbtc pew view AD

Earn lots of satoshis watching ads fast, it is very easy and simple and it takes little time to see them all once a day, page highly recommended

project 8


TypeDice game
Rewardsdepends your bets

"No risk ,no glory" Is the perfect motto for this page,try your luck with the dice, offers a free faucet to play every hour in which you can have luck and win a lot also have daily rewards

project 9


TypeTraffic exchange
Rewards0.30$ per 1000 sites visited

Share and earn referrals in your best pages or web pages that you want to have many referrals, very very easy to use and with excellent results, also for every 1000 pages you visit give you a residual profit of 0.30 $ you can withdraw 3 $ via paypal

A short list of better faucets on faucethub

Click here to see the best faucethub faucets

Alternatives to adsense in your faucet

With these advertising companies we earn enough money to keep the faucet active and earn something for us

Coinzilla is an advertising company that pays in bitcoins very good and highly recommended by many users,This company gives us great profits in its campaigns CPM and campaigns CPC very easy to use requirement of 1.000.000 alexa-rank

Popads is one of the best companies dedicated to popunder advertising worldwide, with excellent benefits and with its anti-adblock code becomes an excellent choice for a faucet,Join now and check its effectiveness

Cpmlinks is a link shortener that pays in bitcoins or dollars very easy to use and with surprising benefits, with a minimum of $ 1.50 per 1000 visits up to $ 6 per 1000 visits Join now and start to earn money.Easy and simple start to shorten links today.

Propellers ads is a strong company in which if you use well you will earn a lot of money, has popunders banners and intersitiales for mobiles with an ecmp that can be up to 5 $ And also offers its users an anti adblock code for revenue to be even greater

Adf.ly the link shorter known by all, the most reliable option in terms of payments and registration of visits is a shortening of links that also has the option of putting popunders so that your income is the highest possible, join now and earn money

Clicksor is a banner advertising company that also has popunders and intersitiales so that you win the maximum possible with your campaigns CPM and CPC you will win big money (accept faucets) join now and earn money easy .

revcontent Is a native advertising company that offers several services to its clients, having no minimum traffic requirements makes it fantastic for a website that is still growing or faucets!

Adnow is another native advertising company paid for each click made with very interesting advertisements and with the possibility of putting erotic ads makes the ctr and ecpm are quite high giving a considerable profits

Yllix is ​​a CPA advertising company with many options to put ads on their websites, it works with big companies like BMW making your ads very attractive for the people who enter your website no minimun requeriments ^^ .

Time for ads

Please take a second to look at the ads you may be interested in something they offer.

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